Saturday, February 20, 2010

Metal Roof is Complete

I did a little climbing today to get a few perspectives that few people will ever see. The first is standing on top of the dumpster. The second was taken with my shoes off standing on the new metal roof. These views show me how the roof details came together. Everything looks very tight and clean.

Except for the edge trim that overlaps the cedar trim, the only view of the
roof is about 200 feet down the street. From that vantage, you can see a glancing view.

The color works exactly as I had hoped. It is a bronze/grey color that
will be close to the color of the copper after a few years. On the adjacent image, you can compare the painted metal pan color on the lower roofs with the copper trim on the high roof.

Another reason for capturing these images is to get a close-up image of the stone chimney. We will be using this material on the upper part of the fireplace inside. With the height of the space inside, I feared a uniform application of this stone would be too much of a good thing.

Currently, we are searching for a smooth, honed stone (like a limestone) that will surround the fireplace opening below the mantel. The color will probably be best if it matches one of the lighter beige pieces in the chimney. You can see this in my draft sketch of that wall.

The shelving will be another device to bring the scale of the room down a bit. The top of the shelves will align with the head of the window that looks out to the front.

Now that most of the specialty lights are on site, the electricians should be able to finish rough-in soon. This is the last item before insulation and drywall begins. That will make things look very different inside.

It is starting to get real.

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