Sunday, January 24, 2010

Week Twelve

Here are some images of the outside at present. Progress continues on the outside woodwork and the copper flashing on the TPO roofs began this weekend.
Inside, most of the rough-in work is done. The electrician will pull off the job until the low-voltage lights are on-site. These special fixures require remote transformers and are a bit more complicated to install.

In order to begin installing the wallboard, the City must sign off on all the systems that would be covered. These inspections include plumbing, electrical, and HVAC.
One follow-up to an early post: when the roof and trim came off the back wall, we found a collage of block and wood blocking. We had expected brick to extend higher up the wall and this discovery meant a potentially expensive change. The obvious option was to replace this mess with brick, but instead the contractor and I came up with a cedar detail (seen in the image above) that covers that area.

Last week, I participated on a tour of Ace Recyling center near Hopewell. This is where most of the demolition from our house ended up. Inside the 70,000 SF warehouse it is quite dusty, but the massive piles of stuff are impressive. They have a capacity of 500 tons per day and can recycle nearly everything. At this time, their overall percentage of construction debris recycling is around 85%. Their costs to our project ($350 per 30 CY load) was equivalent to hauling the debris to a local dump. At least this way, the material [that used to be our house] has an extended use.

Ace has a sorting line where 16 people sort through piles of everything imaginable on a conveyor. Wood goes one direction and brick/concrete goes another. Carpet scraps and wallboard are separated. Magnets pull out the steel screws and nails. Other than construction debris, they also take retired Coke machines and many residual materials from manufacturing.
Very cool.

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