Sunday, May 9, 2010

All About the Floors

This coming week will be all about the floors. Most everything else inside is done except for a couple light fixtures and the kitchen appliances.

The floor sanding started on Friday and will continue early this week - then the house will be closed to all others (including me) until the staining and finishing is complete. The old oak floor-boards are a bit more orange than the new boards, but when the stain is applied this variation should be gone. This process will take several days so don't expect new photos until that process is over.

In the meantime, I've included a few images that show some of the specialty lights. They will all be adjusted once the furniture in in-place - for the desired effect. There will be plenty of light at night, and with dimmers and switch control we should be able to easily adjust the amount and location of light. The lighting designer (Diana Ades) who helped me spec the fixtures edited the number at an early point. I'm glad we did that as there is ample light already - with a few still to be powered.

Carrie returned from an 8-day road trip to the West and was able to see the progress this weekend. The lights that graze down across the fireplace stone got her attention quickly. These really show the color and contrast of the stone.

We are both eager to have certain amenities that we've done without for the last few years. For Carrie, it's no-doubt a kitchen with countertop space and appliances that actually work. In both houses we lived in since moving into the city, taking a shower has been a claustophobic experience. The Riverside house had no dishwasher or space to prep meals.

I joke that the light in my bedroom closet will be my favorite luxury. For three years, I haven't been able to really see my clothes in the morning - reduced to selecting pants by how the fabric feels.

A few other things that are now in place are the bathroom mirror and the frame for the glass between the upstairs rooms. The only other wood item in the house is the cap on the metal rail. It is a simple rectangular design and should add some warmth in contrast to the black metal.

Only 4 weeks to go.

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