Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It's So Red

As you can tell from the image, we gave the contractor the green light to start building the stone wall, steps, and sidewalks. With a backhoe to do the digging, it doesn't take very long to make a big mess. They started this in the morning and by the end of the day, they had excavated for the retaining wall, dug up the old sidewalk, and poured the wall foundations.

It is shocking to see the deep red color of the dirt - so much iron in the soil. Perhaps it's a good thing our wood floors will be a reddish color. They are almost a perfect match for the dirt. In a bit of rationalization, my story will probably become this: that the brick stain color I chose came organically from the natural color of the soil. That sounds like something an architect would say.

Carrie's favorite color is red and she's been looking for a way to use red in the house. The floors should satisfy that craving. The image showing the floor is taken from the kitchen door. The image doesn't adequately show the true color due to the blueish-tone of the kitchen lights that lit the photo. Trust me they are a deep brownish-red.

We can't go into the house because of the wet floors - now coated with a layer of poly. There will be one more layer applied when this one is dry. The floors already warmed up a good bit from the time they applied the stain until now. The floors will be a strong contrast to the lighter colored woods and walls.

It'll be exciting to go back into the house when everything is dry. I suspect it will dramatically change our perception of the spaces once again.

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