Monday, November 30, 2009

Week Five

Surprise, surprise - it's rained again this afternoon. That makes over 9 inches for November which usually gets less than 3. The framers worked outside in the morning but covered everything up at lunch when the radar showed a large band of rain coming. They managed to build the second floor walls before the rain came and have them laid out on the second floor platform.

Tonight on our way back from dinner, we drove by the construction site and saw a light on inside. Todd (the job superintendant) was there squeegying the floor and putting cans underneath the many leaks in the tarp. He was trying his best to keep water off the wood floors. By the time we left, the rain had stopped and the dripping had pretty much ended.

Todd really pays attention to details. In anticipation of the crane coming, he got permission from the neighbors to put the 20' long dumpster in the gravel parking area in front of their house. I also understand that he put up the Christmas tree for our neighbor Suzanne in her front yard. These little touches keep the construction going quickly and avoid having the neighbors get frustrated while living next to a construction zone.

Tomorrow is a big day. A crane will come to put up the three 500-pound glue-lam beams that support the roof. After that, the shape of the house will start to show. I hope to get a picture of that.

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