Thursday, November 26, 2009

Week Four

We're in Virginia Beach for Thanksgiving weekend and not able to see the progress until Sunday night. It's been another rainy week but that didn't stop the "progress" of demolition. With the official rainfall at more than 8" for November (a record total), it is a wonder that the contractors got as much done as they did. The front yard is now a big mudpuddle from the vehicle traffic that goes back and forth

Most of the visible work this week has been the removal of the sun room and a section of roof over the living room. They are using the existing roof rafters to shelter the framing below until they are ready to frame the second floor walls. That is scheduled to occur at the first of next week.

As of Wednesday, the bay on the northeast corner was being framed and bolted. When the roof comes off, we should really start to see forward progress.

We are finalizing appliances and actually bought our washer/dryer at the grand opening of HH Gregg. We were able to save $500 on the LG pair below anything I could find on the internet. Carrie was able to talk the salesman down another $100 on the two drawers that are underneath. These will be stored at our rental property until we move.

I qualified for the Architect's-home discount of 25% on Miele kitchen appliances - so that is probably the way we will go - except for maybe the refrigerator. The Miele fridge is still very expensive and smaller than most others. We'll probably go with another high-quality brand and save alot of money.

Lighting plans and plumbing fixtures are the most critical things to nail down - so the rough-in can be started. Carrie has a good start on the plumbing fixtures and I have a meeting with the lighting supplier on Wednesday. We'll need a lot of guidance with lighting as this is an area where we both are uncertain.

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