Saturday, November 14, 2009

Week Two

After 10 inches of rain and crazy wind over a 5 day period, they finally got started on the real demolition work.

From the outside, the shape of the house is still there - behind a black tarp. However, when you go inside, yikes! It becomes clear how far back we are taking the house.

There is little remaining demolition except to remove the roof. That will come off as needed to make way for framing.

The wide open space inside is really quite nice. The original framing for the gables can be seen and the only interruptions are the six old steel straps and the high bracing which holds the rafter framing together.

The superintendant told me that they intend to start framing next week. It will be nice to make some progress forward for a change.

Today, Carrie and I finally went out to shop for plumbing fixtures and kitchen appliances. I don't think it will be too hard to select nice things that both of us like. The budget however will be the biggest challenge.

Being an architect, I have developed very specific (and expensive) tastes and know that my sense of design will be judged by how the house looks. There needs to be a consistent quality and character thoughout the design. It requires attention to detail and that takes time that hasn't been available until now. Hopefully, I can stay ahead of the contractor. We'll see.

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