Sunday, March 21, 2010

Changes and Coming Attractions...

Carrie and I have been away for a time. She is traveling for work and I took a few days off to play golf in Pinehurst with a couple friends.

The interior has seen a few changes in the past week. The 3 back doors are hung and most of the gyp board, taping, and spackling are done. With the gypsum board in-place, it is now much easier to visualize the spaces. The design that was floating around in my head is now fairly easy for others to see. From this point on, the finishing touches will be fun for Carrie and me. It is looking more and more like a house we can live in.

One thing that always happens during construction is for spaces to seem large when the framing is done, smaller when the gyp board goes in, and then feel large again after being painted and furniture is placed. That is certainly true so far with a few spaces in this house; however the general openness of the plan may tend to reduce the small feeling. I think a big change in scale will occur when the floors are installed and they connect all the open spaces.

Some things to watch for in the next couple weeks:
· The painters will return to put a final coat of finish on the cedar siding and paint the PVC trim,
· The roofer will return to install the copper panels above the brick and siding.
· Oak flooring
· Hanging of interior door frames
· Interior trim

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