Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Landscape Plan

An Architect who designs a building should have a mental picture of site features and plant material that also occupy the site. Some of the things to take into consideration when creating a landscape design: topography, the seasons, available sunlight, flow of water, maintenance, hardscapes, as well as the characteristics of the plant material.

Preston knows that I like to be involved in the design of landscapes so he created this first draft plan for me after meeting on site to discuss Carrie's and my goals.

There will be elements of the landscape to be installed and evolve over time, but there will be a few key things that I'd like to have done as part of the initial construction. Those are the things that change the topography like hardscapes like retaining walls and sidewalks as well as the major plantings like trees. The rest of the material will play off of these major items. It is also easier now to get those installed while the yard is already torn up from construction. The rest can be done incrementally as I find time.

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