Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Week 22 - Interior Changes

We were told that many things would start happening inside the house this week. That has been the case - as we're seeing door and window trim, the tile in the bathrooms, and the fireplace details being done. It appears that the fireplace masonry and most of the bathroom tile will be done before the week is out.

I am most excited about the fireplace stone as it is the focal point for the tall living room. The stone on the upper 2/3 is a stacked stone that matches the chimney outside; the lower part (surround) is a Pennsylvania sandstone that will have copper-colored streaks. The sandstone is broken into blocks that appear heavy - to visually carry the stacked stone above. The texture and color should provide some contrast.

Many of the frames for the maple doors were hung so the trim work could start. The doors will soon be removed and stored until near the end of the job to avoid damage.

Each bathroom will have tile on the floors and on the walls surrounding the shower or tub. As a sub-surface, the contractor is using a cement board. This prep work is almost done and some of the wall tiles are being set.

Outside, the bluestone treads for the porch are being cut. They will be set ontop of the brick risers. It is my expectation that the walkway that leads to the porch will be of the same bluestone. That will be part of the landscape plan. The hardscapes within the landscape plan are being priced at the moment.

I will meet with Chris Hildebrand tomorrow about the "trellis" that will cantilever over the porch. This piece is not intended to be a water-shelter, but rather will function as a visual marker for the house's entry point and provide a visual balance to the front composition.

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